Mortgage pre-approval can give you the competitive advantage when you find your perfect home or condo in Puerto Rico!

We're starting to see some great deals come onto the market as sellers agree to list condos based on recent appraisal.

These are serious sellers who are motivated to sell - and want a quick sale. These can be estate sales, short sales, personal situations, or condos that were previously priced higher than current market values.

All things being equal - cash offers will get the most attention in this market. But pre-qualified offers are also taken very seriously.

If you are going to purchase with a mortgage - we highly recommend that you see your banker for a pre-approval BEFORE starting your search.

Note: All mortgages in Puerto Rico must originate with local banking entities, so if you are stateside, check to see of your local bank/credit union has a location or affiliation on-island before you assume you can use them for a mortgage loan.

When we submit your pre-approval letter along with your offer - you have a much better chance of success than if we have to tell a seller 'the buyer is going to go talk to their bank tomorrow'....

This is a historic bottom in Puerto Rico's real estate market and the best buys go fast....

If you want to take advantage of this unique opportunity to buy a great house or condo - PRE-APPROVE!

If you are considering a real estate investment in Puerto Rico…

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