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This may be the best 'buyers-market' in decades in the most vibrant GLBT community in the Caribbean!

The recent Supreme Court decision on Gay Marriage should have a positive impact on the Puerto Rico real estate market.

In the past, there was no protection for gay partners in local real estate situations.  Local inheritance laws sometimes made it very difficult to protect a couple's investment even if their wishes were clearly laid out in a state-side will or 50/50 ownership plus partnership contracts.

This will change now and gay spouses should enjoy full legal protection under federal law.

Same-sex spouses can now invest with confidence on our beautiful island and take advantage of historically low prices and full protection of newly recognized federal rights. 

With the most vibrant gay community in the Caribbean - this should make Puerto Rico an even better choice for purchasing a vacation home, investment property or retirement residence. 

Are you a considering a second home in Puerto Rico? 

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