The Puerto Rican Senate has asked us for comment on their new initiative to review laws that impact Santurce but have not been revised since the emergence of the area as the city's ARTS DISTRICT.

In addition to Real Estate Sales and Consulting, our focus for the past decade has been hotel and tourism marketing - specializing in cultural tourism and emerging tourism markets.

As a pioneer in branding Santurce as the San Juan Arts District, establishment of San Juan's first Hostel accommodation at Stop 22 and  promoting Arts District identities for Hotel Miramar and Hotel San Jorge - we have been active throughout the area's development.

Our efforts to establish the Arts District brand lead to creation of Avenue of the Arts website, Museo de los Santos and Ellie Puess Gallery.

Real Estate development has included restoration/renovation of classic Santurce homes in the San Mateo and Hipodromo neighborhoods.

We also specialize in Real Estate sales throughout the Santurce Arts District with a focus on a vision to repurpose classic Santurce structures to meet the demands of our 21st century Arts District market.

Click here for .pdf of my response to the Senate.

I'll keep you updated as we provide feedback for the new Senate legislation.

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