Foreclosed Properties

We work with all major banks and investment companies to offer foreclosed properties (repos).

The inventory of foreclosed property can change very quickly - so we are constantly checking lists and receiving updates weekly.

Every bank works a little differently - some require immediate decision/deposit, others go through a review committee process before asking for decision/deposit.  There are some incredible opportunities - but you may need more patience than a traditional real estate transaction.

Update - February 2021: There are very few repos in San Juan unless you are willing to look in outlying areas which may be good long term investments but would not have an immediate return on investment.  This may change as covid-19 foreclosure restrictions are lifted later this year - but repos may take months to clear the legal process so we don't anticipate many until 2022.

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Our real estate broker office is located in San Juan's SANTURCE Arts District near Ciudadela, Lote 23 & Cobian's Plaza.

Office hours are Monday - Saturday from 9am - 7pm.  (by appointment only).

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