Construction of CVS at Tren Urbano/Sagrado Corazon

Construction of CVS at Sagrado Corazon

If you're doing anything in the San Juan, Puerto Rico real estate market that requires a permit - make sure to be very careful that every detail of every form, process and receipt are done EXACTLY as required.  

I have a friend who has taken more than one year to get permits for a restaurant - they keep asking for another form, another inspection, re-submission of already approved forms, etc.  

When we started asking other real estate professionals - they had similar tales of difficulty getting their permits.

Even professional permit expeditors seem to be baffled by the seemingly endless requests for additional detail, documentation and the need for paperwork that seems to increase every day.

You would think that every government agency would be doing everything possible to promote construction, renovation and new business development to help stimulate the lagging economy - but just the opposite seems to be happening!

If you are doing any business development - make sure you have everything in order and be proactive and make sure each agency lets you know EXACTLY  what they will need to approve your project.

Have you considered the impact of permits in your negotiating process?

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