Historically Low Prices + Tax Incentives = Opportunity

A combination of factors makes this one of the best times to invest in Puerto Rico real estate.

The financial decline that has continued for the past 8 years is finally being addressed by local government and structural changes must be made in the near future to rebuild the economy.

To promote economic development, the Puerto Rican government has created tax incentives to encourage wealthy investors to establish residence and headquarter global service-sector businesses in Puerto Rico. 

Both Law 20 (Global Service Industry Headquarters) and Law 22 (Individual Resident Tax Haven) have very specific requirements which should be discussed with a local tax advisor.

The enormous inventory of foreclosures and distressed portfolios have sold in the major neighborhoods of San Juan.  Outside of central San Juan, there is still weakness and a large inventory of foreclosures - but the strengthening of the market in San Juan is a huge step toward establishing a bottom to the market.  While market bottoms can give false signals - the sale of foreclosed properties that have been on the market for years is a major step in the right direction.  

With our extensive background in Residential and Commercial Real Estate sales plus our Executive/MBA experience, we are uniquely positioned to assist you when considering the advantages of residence and/or business relocation in the San Juan Metro area.

Once you've determined that Puerto Rico in an appropriate choice for your investment strategy, give us a call and we can review options for residential and/or commercial properties for your move to Puerto Rico. 

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