Development Opportunity

Calle Mayol 604 and 606 between Ponce de Leon & Fernandez Juncos

Summary: Two vacant shells in the Santurce Arts District of San Juan, Puerto Rico

Calle Mayol 604: 347 sq. meters lot.  Four story shell, courtyard/parking, gate.

The four story building on the right is Calle Mayol #604 which can be renovated as rental apartments, condos or AirBnb. (see 4 floor layouts attached).  

Calle Mayol 606: 233 sq. meters lot/two story shell. 

The two-story building on the left is Calle Mayol #606 which can be demolished to create parking. While these buildings were fallinging into disrepair, the surrounding neighborhood of Santurce has become the center of San Juan’s ARTS DISTRICT and seen a major revival with the completion of the Ciudadela complex just 5 blocks (880 meters) away. 

Condition:AS IS/WHERE IS – both buildings stripped to shell.

Zoning:  ZU-G2                        GPS:18.440892, -66.062458

Price:US$ 875,000 (includes both buildings – 604 + 606 Calle Mayol).

Location: Across from Plaza Inmaculada, Inmaculada Elderly and Santurce Medical Mall - between Ponce de Leon and Fernandez Juncos Avenues. Facing future development site.

  • 800 meters – Ciudadela, Lote 23, Pavia Hospital
  • 900 meters – San Jorge Children’s Hospital
  • 500 meters – Tren Urbano/24 Hour CVS & Univ. Sagrado Corazon.

Public Transportation: Parada 25 has some of the best public transportation in San Juan.

  • 7 minute walk to Tren Urbano – Sagrado Corazon Station
  • Bus stop on Ponce de Leon for #T3 bus between Old San Juan & Sagrado Corazon via Miramar.
  • Bus stop on Ponce de Leon for #21 bus between Old San Juan & Sagrado Corazon via Condado.
  • Bus stop on Fernandez Juncos for #T9 bus between Old San Juan & Cupey via Sagrado Corazon.
  • Bus stop on Fernandez Juncos for #35 bus between PR Convention Center & Sagrado Corazon.

Adjacent Parcels: The buildings on the rest of the block may be available if developers want to assemble a larger project.

  • The three buildings to the Fernandez Juncos side are available for sale from this broker.
  • The building at the corner of Calle Mayol and Ponce de Leon is owned by the Puerto Rico Administracion de Terranos and may be available by development proposal.
  • The full empty block across the street has had several projects anounced over the years by the Municipo de San Juan, but current status/ownership is unknown.

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Click here to download .PDF Brochure for Calle Mayol #604 and #606

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