608 Calle Bolivar - Parada 24 on the corner of Calle Santa Ana.  Half block to Ponce de Leon/Cobian's Plaza.
608 Calle Bolivar - Parada 24 on the corner of Calle Santa Ana. Half block to Ponce de Leon/Cobian's Plaza.


Commercial Building: 3,000 square foot (approx)

2,450 sq' main level + 550 sq' mezzanine + Roof potential

608 Calle Bolivar & Calle Santa Ana
between Ponce de Leon & Fernandez Juncos

Lot Size: 280 square meters

Zoning: ZU-G3

This is the hottest area for development in Santurce as the influence of Ciudadela and Lote 23 extends along Ponce de Leon to Calle Bolivar and Calle San Jorge.  Although many buildings are still empty, almost all are recently sold or under contract.  Plans include new office space, redevelopment of the classic Hotel Metropol, new short term rental conversion on Ave. Fidalgo Diaz, a new private museum/gallery and a new cafe/teatro from a local producer/promoter.  Universidad de Sagrado Corazon has just announced redevelopment of the buildings between Villa Music and Patio Shop which will provide an anchor to extend development even further down Ponce de Leon - see https://www.nuestrobarrio.org. Now is the time to act - before all of these projects are completed and price/demand rises!

The empty lot next door that is currently used as BASE parking will be developed as an entire block of street-level commercial space, multi-piso parking facilities (available to the public/your customers) and two towers of luxury residential apartments.  It has not been officially announced yet, but will have a major impact on future value and utilization of this property.

The Building

Former discotheque and restaurant is appropriate for any type of commercial business. 

Excellent for restaurant, recording studio, cabaret, theater,  gallery, retail, warehouse, showroom or medical facility.

Approximately 30' frontage on Calle Bolivar and 90' frontage on Calle Santa Ana.

Approximately 3,000 square feet on street level and mezzanine.

First floor is almost evenly divided by central bathrooms/storage. 

CRIM - $1,730.28/year

Front Section

Main open space is approximately 1,000 square feet (approximately 36' x 28') with ceiling of 15' 8".

Main door and windows face Calle Bolivar. Additional sliding door located in center of section opens to Calle Santa Ana.

Center Section

Mezzanine divides the space with stairs in the rear section of the building that continue to the roof. Mezzanine ceiling is 9' 4 ".

The mezzanine level is walled to the front section (can be removed) and open to the rear section (can be enclosed).

Stairway from mezzanine to the roof.

Below the mezzanine in the front section are two bathrooms and storage room.

Below the mezzanine in the rear section are two rooms with water risers - possible bathrooms/dressing rooms/storage rooms. There is also a secure area for gas tanks that is accessible from the street for ease of delivery.

Door can be positioned so that both front and rear sections have bathroom facilities if you decide to divide the space in two.

Rear Section

Rear open space is approximately 800 square feet (approximately 32' x 25') with ceiling of 15' 4".

Staircase to mezzanine and roof are located in this section.

The sliding garage door is 7' 10" square and can be completely opened or accessed by hinged door within the sliding door.

Additional sliding door located in center of section.

Multiple entrances make it appropriate for division into separate spaces.

Roof has a structural steel platform appropriate for generators, heavy equipment or could be used for future expansion.


Previous tenant used the rear section of the roof as an informal lounge area.

The center section of the roof above the mezzanine has a 25' square structural steel platform/grid which is appropriate for heavy equipment or generator. Lots of potential for this area!

Parking & Public Transportation

The building does not have parking facilities, but the entire block between the building and Fernandez Juncos has been paved and may become a parking facility - we will update as soon as we have more information.

Public parking garage is available 1/2 block away at Cobian's Plaza.

Bus stops on same block: Ponce de Leon #3, #21, #35 and publicos.  Fernandez Juncos: #9, #35 and pubicos.

Update 9/24/21: There are plans to build a luxury tower in the lot between this building and Ave. Fernandez Juncos - but nothing formal has been announced yet. The model/plan has street-level commercial space, 8-10 floors of parking (available to public), luxury condominiums in one tower and luxury co-working space in a second tower. If this project goes forward, it would provide parking and could complement any business in this building. Will update as more information becomes available.

Purchase: $650,000


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