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With more than 40 neighborhoods, San Juan is one of the most interesting cities in the Caribbean. Click for printable map

Are you considering an investment in Puerto Rico Real Estate? 

Whether you're a long time visitor to San Juan or considering an investment in Puerto Rico for the first time, it can be difficult to find the right mix of lifestyle, neighborhood, amenities, and value in just a few short trips to our Island of Enchantment.    

San Juan is an exciting, cosmopolitan city that extends far beyond the traditional tourist areas of Old San Juan, Condado and Isla Verde.  With more than 40 neighborhoods - your choice of the perfect area can be mind-boggling!

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Located on the 'Isleta de San Juan'  (from El Moro Fort to the Caribe Hilton).

  • Old San Juan has lots of tourists in the historic UNESCO World Heritage site during the day.  But late in the afternoon, local residents open their shutters/doors/courtyards and use the many parks and plazas as neighborhood meeting places to catch up on local news and play a few games of dominos. If you've only been to the old city during the day - you'll want to experience Old San Juan when it becomes a magical residential neighborhood amidst historic cobblestone streets, ancient city walls and authentic Puerto Rican culture.
  • Capitol Hill is a newly emerging area outside the walls of the old city that continues to the Capitol Building and the San Agustin neighborhood.  An impressive master plan for Paseo Puerta de Tierra  lays the foundation for future development of luxury condos and hotels along the bayfront parks and the soon to be completed seaside promenade from Excambrón Beach to Old San Juan. 
  • San Agustín (not labeled on map) is a hidden street between the two major access routes to Old San Juan. From the Capitol to the Atlantis Condo in WeCo - this is an old working class neighborhood that is fast becoming the center for artisans and people who value lots of space for reasonable prices within walking distance to both Old San Juan.  Still very rough around the edges but lots of potential in one of San Juan's 'undiscovered neighborhoods'. An impressive master plan for Paseo Puerta de Tierra  shows how this once neglected area is now connected via the promenade from Excambrón Beach to Old San Juan. 
  • WeCo is a new term being used for the area West of Condado for the new luxury condo complex next to the Caribe Hilton, Condado Lagoon, Escambrón Beach and San Juan Yacht Club. Spectacular new construction, lagoon/ocean views, great amenities and an upscale shopping/dining plaza make this a favorite for executive-level lifestyles. The Atlantis condominium has become a favorite for investors for their location, concierge and views!

On the south side of Baldorioty Express (away from the beaches and toward Parque Central).

Click for full neighborhood map of San Juan

Click for neighborhood map of San Juan

  • Miramar Historic District is just on the other side of the Condado lagoon and has always been a prestige address for upscale families and professionals.  A designated historic district, you'll find classic Victorian, grand Prairie-style bungalows, Art Deco inspired houses and Mid-century Modern homes among the luxury condos that line the charming neighborhood streets. Walk to restaurants, supermarkets, gourmet shops, cinemas, miniature gothic church (with stained glass windows reportedly by Tiffany), Casa Aboy Arts Center, Conservatory of Music and the soon to open MADMi Museum of Art & Design Miramar. There is also great public transportation to explore other areas of San Juan!
  • Convention Center District sometimes called Miramar South - is an quiet community at the edge of the quickly growing group of hotels, restaurants and future entertainment district that borders Miramar, the Puerto Rico Convention Center, San Juan Yacht Club, Isla Grande Airport and Pan American Cruise Ship Piers. The master plan calls for a mixed-use zone inspired by the success of Downtown Orlando.  
  • El Gandul / Tras Talleras (not labeled on map) is the southern part of Miramar in the area that was literally 'the wrong side of the tracks' behind the train maintenance yards. Today its the center of the Santurce Es Ley Mural District and emerging entrepreneurs/restaurants/clubs. Look for the blocks around Calle Cerra, Calle Ernesto Cerra and Calle Eliza Cerra between Ponce de Leon and Calle Las Palmas. Technically - El Gandul is north of Calle Las Palmas / Tras Talleras to the south - but the names are now interchangeable (The large condo complex was the original site of the train yards).  Now that Walmart and Walgreen's have established the boundary of the neighborhood it is becoming much more interesting for young, adventurous investors.
  • Santurce Arts District is just across the highway from Condado/Ocean Park/SoLo. This is one of San Juan's most dynamic neighborhoods with the largest concentration of Arts & Culture in the Caribbean.  Here you'll find the Metro Cinema, Museum of Contemporary Art, Plaza del Mercado - "La Placita', Puerto Rico Museum of Art and our Fine Arts Center with four theaters & Symphony Hall - plus dance schools, ballet companies, galleries, private museums, cafés, celebrity chefs and a vibrant street art scene. Its just a 15 minute walk to the beach and has the best public transportation in San Juan.  Nicholas Prouty and Putnam Bridge Investments are just completing the large Ciudadela complex and park behind the PR Museum of Art and are working on rental units next door. 
    For adventurous investors or homeowners who are looking for exceptional value in emerging neighborhoods - ask about Santurce's 'hidden neighborhoods' of Alto de Cabra, Campo Alegre, Hippodromo, Parada 22 and Bolívar.
  • Sagrado Corazon Historic District at the end of Ponce de Leon Avenue surrounds Sacred Heart University and extends to the hilltop of the Monteflores neighborhood. This older residential neighborhood at the edge of the Arts District has some grand single family homes and affordable condos for adventurous investors. With a new 24 hour CVS, main station of the Tren Urbano, large YMCA & great bus service, this area is getting attention as an up and coming investment opportunity. Almost all of the grand old mansions have been purchased and are being renovated, but there are still great values for condos and and smaller homes.

On the north side of Baldorioty Express (toward the beaches of Condado, Ocean Park and Isla Verde).

  • Condado is the traditional tourism strip with beachfront hotels and all the amenities you expect from a world-class resort destination. Residents can go toward the beach for tourism, glitz and glamour at the La Concha, Vanderbilt or Marriott resorts and casinos - or head just a few blocks the other way for a more residential experience. With the announcement of John Paulson's ultra-luxury condo projects on the beach and lagoon - this area is seeing lots of change and high demand as buyers look to lock in good value now.
  • Kings Court is a corridor of luxury high rise condos that defines the border between Condado and Ocean Park just steps from the best beach in San Juan! A favorite with upscale local residents for its easy access to the beach, highway, walking distance to Condado or Ocean Park and around the corner from the hyper-hip Loiza Street and SoLo neighborhoods.
  • Ocean Park is a gated community along the best beach in San Juan. The neighborhood is restricted to low-rise buildings that rarely go above 4 floors - so you have lots of private homes, intimate condos plus several boutique hotels and guest houses. Many locals will also refer to the blocks just outside the gate as Ocean Park - so some listings can be confusing, but we'll make sure you understand the significance of 'inside the gate' or 'outside the gate' when discussing Ocean Park listings. John Paulson has just put the final beachfront lots for sale as private villa residence projects, so demand for property 'inside the gate' should stay strong.
  • NoLo (not labeled on map) is the two block stretch North of Loiza Street between the Ocean Park gates and Calle Loiza.  Many listings may say a property is in Ocean Park - but real estate prices are lower here since its outside the gate. Even though you're not technically in Ocean Park - its just a few blocks to the best beach in San Juan.  This area is a good value - lot size and homes are larger than the south side of Loiza Street.
  • SoLo is the dynamic, bohemian area South of Loiza Street - just a few blocks from Ocean Park and the spectacular beach! The traditional neighborhood name is  Machuchal - but even locals rarely recognize it.  This used to be the traditional working class main street of San Juan, full of lots of local atmosphere and 'everyday' shopping.  Today - Loiza street is a constantly changing laboratory for young, hip, entrepreneurs with new business ideas.  You'll find a fascinating mix of shipping containers turned restaurants, empty lots turned to community cinema or food truck mall, hipster boutiques, vintage shopping, night clubs, galleries - plus traditional local shops, fruit vendors, bars and bodegas that have been there for decades. Even locals can't keep up with the changes - so be prepared for evolution as the neighborhood discovers its new identity! As my friend Dara says about her neighborhood - 'Every day is an ADVENTURE on Loiza Street!".  Lots can be small and houses very close together - but that's part of the tight community vibe that have made it a favorite with Millenial investors.
  • Santa Teresita is a neighborhood between Ocean Park/NoLo/SoLo and Punta las Marias. It is across Barbosa Park (also known as Ultimo Trolley Park) from Ocean Park and is not gated. Homes range from exclusive Ocean Boulevard across the street from the beach to a marginal neighborhood near the Norte Shopping Center.

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  • Puntas las Marias is another gated community between Ocean Park and Isla Verde.  Much quieter and less upscale than its Ocean Park neighbor - but great for families who need more space and easy access to highways or a short drive to Isla Verde or Condado.
  • Isla Verde has two long crescent-shaped beaches just a few minutes from the airport.  
    High-rise condos and hotels line the beach with a commercial strip across Isla Verde Avenue.  Not as glamorous as Condado, but more affordable and you have the Ritz Carlton, InterContinental and newly restored El San Juan resorts with lots of upscale amenities.  

Other Neighborhoods  (outside of central San Juan - but great for great value and larger spaces).

  • Hato Rey is the high-rise 'Golden Mile' business district with some great luxury condos along the elevated Tren Urbano route. Easy access to highways, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Medical Center and Plaza las Americas Mall or the new upscale Mall of San Juan. Even though its not near the beaches - some of the taller buildings have spectacular ocean views!
  • San Patricio/Guaynabo is a nearby suburb or 'exurb' that is perfect for high-rise living with easy access to all major highways and airport – but within easy walking distance of San Patricio Plaza and surrounding restaurants, shopping, medical facilities and cinemas. If you love a 'valet parking' lifestyle, this may be perfect for you!

As you can see - the choices can seem overwhelming!

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